Saturday, November 18, 2006

random nonsense

Random weird things:

- I have TB. This was a big "dirty foreigner" joke while I was complaining about the FIVE visits I had to make to the bloody health clinic, as international students have to get tested for TB. The second test turned out positive. They gave me an x-ray that very moment (whereas back in Vancouver, I would've had to schedule it for, like, ten years from now) and my lungs were clean, but I have to take medication (isoniazid) for nine months.

- The doctor at the TB Clinic: "This medicine is usually fine for most people, who have some minor side effects. Of course, some people also develop hepatitis and die." *cheery smile*

- Because of the (potential) liver effects of this stupid drug, I cannot drink. For NINE MONTHS. During my FIRST YEAR OF LAW SCHOOL. It's a tragedy, I tell you. I have just been telling people I am pregnant, despite the fact that the only person I have sex with happens to be female. Shhhhhh.

- The TB clinic is in front of the local community, family and job search services building. Thinking I could go through it, I went up to the building, which had huge no guns signs everywhere. I stepped in, and there was a cop in front of a metal detector and baggage scanner ready to frisk me.

- Because that's what people do, see, when they want to get a job or go on welfare. They bring their guns.

- Someone was half-mugged by the fountain on campus the other day. Apparently, when he reached for his wallet, the guy "became agitated, poked him with something unidentifiable, and ran away."

- Mock_the_stupid is the best livejournal community ever. My favourite story is the guy whose daddy has a 'fag shotgun' and a 'nigger shotgun', because homos are the only 'whiteys' who will break into their house, and silver is the only thing that will kill those nightowls. Apparently, black people are werewolves! EVERYTHING IS CLEAR NOW!

- After I told her this story, Stef said I'd blown her cover. Now we know why she can't come out during those pesky full moons.

- For International Day of Tolerance last Thursday, my American friends decided they would 'tolerate' me, by not making Canadian jokes and by adding the letter u to their words as PROPER. A bunch of them even showed up in red and white. We played the Canadian anthem in Contracts, since my prof thought it was Canada Day, and also because I had somehow forgotten the words. Bad, bad me.

- All other days, they call me 'the foreign chick'. I'm so oppressed. I was extremely misled by my International Student Handbook. Perhaps I'm not practicing my English enough.

- The end.


Adrian said...

Oh my God Chris, that is some fucked up shit. Your law school experience is going to provide enourh stories for the rest of your life. Get well soon. Adrian

syl said...

Yeah, pretty funny huh? On the plus side, the weather here is suddenly gorgeous. It's like spring in Vancouver.

I'm still hoping to transfer but I think some part of me will miss this ghetto :D

I'm actually fine, the disease is inactive so I'm not sick or anything.

tova said...

Take care of yourself!! And here I am, drinking chicken noodle soup, because my voice is gone having yelled all weekend at a basketball tournament. Anyways, keep us posted, k?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
Your blog is really good. That's too bad about the TB, I got exposed to it once and had to get an injection for it.
Clifton sounds a lot like some places in DC, hope its not too bad.


syl said...

hey alastair! thanks! how are you doing?

clifton is not too bad. it's just kinda funny. :) I am reaaaaaally hoping to transfer to one of the schools in DC, but we'll see how shoddy my marks are this semester. how the hell did you get exposed to tb?